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Pack House

The Aweta Megastar machine is designed to handle mangos in the best possible way. This version is equipped with the latest technology of external quality-sorting with Twin Vision, internal quality-detection by means of Inscan and the firmness sensor AFS to determine the ripeness of the mango. By combining all these parameters, our clients can deliver guaranteed quality products to their customers. In the end it is all about meeting the expectation of end consumers who buy in the supermarket.

The non-destructive Acoustic Firmness Sensor (AFS), a firmness sensor to determine the maturity of mango. This means growers and packers can easily select grading parameters to sort mango in the “ready to eat” program and when they can be delivered to the retailer.

Aweta Megastar has been designed especially for mango. It is fast, smooth and efficient meaning your mangoes are in the Best Hands.

High capacity and Precise Weighing Accuracy: The Megastar’s patented carrier system ensures an accurateand stable weighing system that operates at high speed while still maintaining an optimum fill rate.

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